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Privacy Policy

This policy sets out Germanov.Dev privacy practices in connection with all services provided by us. Germanov.Dev aims to protect your privacy when you use our services and communicate with us. We take the protection of privacy very seriously and have several measures in place to ensure that your information remains secure and private. As defined by various privacy regulations, you should be informed that Germanov.Dev is the Data Controller of your information.

In the question and answer section outlined below, we have answered several questions regarding our privacy practices. These answers should explain how we protect your information and your rights regarding your personal information.

If you have provided us with data of other individuals or organizations (such as colleagues for example), please make sure they understand our privacy policy. Furthermore, please only provide us their data if you are explicitly authorized to do so.

This privacy policy has been drafted bearing in mind data regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you have further questions regarding any aspect of our privacy policy, please contact us using the information provided at the bottom of this page.

1. What personal data do Germanov.Dev collects through its website?

We collect data that is necessary to provide our services to you or data that can help us improve our services to you.

Upon visiting our website, Germanov.Dev collects your IP address and stores it in our database. Also, we collect other data, which you can explicitly or implicitly provide. This is described in much more detail below.

1.1 Email

Our services do not require knowing your email address to work. You can provide your email to subscribe to our newsletter, or in the support form, to receive an answer to your questions from the technical support service. Optionally, when filling support form, you can specify your name, a name which we can use to greet you. It's not strictly required that you provide your real name. You can provide a nickname, or anything else, which is acceptable to contact you.

To remove your email address from our database, you can unsubscribe from our newsletter using the direct link in an email message.

1.2 Files

For some of our services, you upload your files to our servers for processing. We do not save your files on the hard disks of our servers. They exist in memory only for a period of operation, which you requested, not more than an hour on average. We do not access or view your files. You retain all rights and ownership of your files.

1.3 Information collected through your browser automatically

We may track this information using cookies, web beacons, tags and scripts, software development kits (or SDKs), and beyond. We track and store data about how you visit and use Germanov.Dev Services. The items we log include:

  • Your IP address
  • Your location
  • Your operating system
  • Your browser
  • Your browser language
  • The URLs of any pages you visit on our sites and apps
  • The bodies of requests, which you send to our sites and apps
  • Device identifiers
  • Other usage information

Part of this information is collected automatically for us by external services which we use: Google Analytics and CloudFlare, which have their privacy policies. Google's privacy policy can be found here. CloudFlare privacy policy can be found here.

All information, obtained this way is anonymized, related only to your web browser session, and not linked to email or any other information, that is personally identifiable.

2. How does Germanov.Dev keep my personal data secure?

Germanov.Dev takes several measures to ensure your data is kept secure and private.

To ensure that your data remains secure, the company only stores data with world-class service providers and has measures to prevent unauthorized access (such as hacking).

All communications between user devices and our systems are encrypted with SSL.

3. What does Germanov.Dev use my personal data for?

We use your personal data in order to provide you a service. We take care to ensure your privacy.

Our goal in collecting your data is to continuously improve our products. More specifically, any information collected from you will only be used for:

  • Monitoring our service in order to improve the product
  • Sending you email messages

4. With whom does Germanov.Dev share my personal data, and why?

We do not share your personal data with any third parties except only a single case:

We may supply your information to law enforcement agencies if we are required to do so by applicable law, or (in our good faith judgment) if such action is reasonably necessary to comply with legal procedures, to respond to any legal claims or actions, or to protect the rights of Germanov.Dev or its customers.

Germanov.Dev will never sell your data to any third-party business.

5. How can I view, update, or delete my personal data held by Germanov.Dev?

We can hold only your email address, used to send the newsletter. To remove it, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter by pressing the direct link in any email message from us. If you are unable to do that for some reason, you can send a message from that email to [email protected] with a request to check and remove your email address. We can remove only the address, from which received your request about this.

There are no options to view or update your email address in our services. But if you are not sure, if your email exists in our list or not, do not hesitate to send us a message about this to [email protected] We will respond as soon as possible and confirm.

6. Where and how does Germanov.Dev store my files?

We do not explicitly store files, uploaded by you anywhere in our systems. They exist with anonymized temporary names either in RAM or in temporary cache on disk only for a period, required to process them, depending on the requested operation (like convert operation). Your file data will be automatically removed from any memory caches regardless of the success or failure of the requested operation within an hour.

7. How and why does Germanov.Dev use cookies (or tracking technology)?

Germanov.Dev uses cookies to track browser session data. Session cookies are saved in temporary memory and deleted once you close your browser. They are used by Germanov.Dev to 'remember' any changes you applied to a particular web page during a session (e.g. saving changes to a file)

However, we also use a few third-party services that use cookies. These include:

  • Cloudflare: mitigating DDoS attacks by identifying trusted web traffic
  • Google Analytics: analyzing user behavior on our website

Third-party services do not receive personal data from Germanov.Dev, but they may track your usage on our website and combine this data from other websites you have visited.

You may manage and disable cookies by consulting your individual browser's options. If you are unsure how to do that, use your favorite search engine to find out everything about it or visit cookiesandyou.com.

8. How does Germanov.Dev manage social media privacy?

Users can share, follow, and like our services on social media, which has privacy implications.

Germanov.Dev encourages users to share, follow, and like our services on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Users should know that such engagement may allow social media companies to track user activity. Accordingly, please review the specific privacy policies of Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

9. Why does Germanov.Dev track my behavior and its own systems?

We track various aspects of our business in order to improve our service to you.

We track user behavior (this does not include viewing/accessing your files), our system metrics, and any errors, in order to improve our service and minimize errors. To the maximum extent possible, we minimize the collection of personal data in order to maintain your privacy.

10. How long does Germanov.Dev keep my personal information?

We only keep your personal information for as long as necessary. When you subscribed to the newsletter and have not confirmed your email address, it is automatically removed after 24 hours. Confirmed email addresses we keep until you explicitly unsubscribe by the direct link in a newsletter email message or by sending unsubscribe requests to us by email.

11. Can Germanov.Dev change the terms of this Privacy Policy?

Yes, this Privacy Policy is subject to change. As privacy regulations mature and as our product improves, please note that Germanov.Dev reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy. Please regularly check this page for the latest version of our policies.

12. What are my legal rights with regard to my personal data?

Your rights are guaranteed based on global and local privacy regulations such as GDPR. For further details, please see our full list of Terms of Use. You have the right to access, update, and delete any personal data that is held by us. Furthermore, you have the right to restrict our processing or transfer of your personal data to another data controller (that is, data portability rights). You must prove your identity (by providing a copy of an identity document, for example) in order to exercise these rights.

Please note, however, that we may not always be able to comply with your requests where we have statutory obligations ourselves. If exercising your rights is in conflict with your contractual obligations to Germanov.Dev, this may result in premature contract termination or other costs. In this case, we will inform you in advance.

Lastly, you may also enforce your rights in court or lodge a complaint with the relevant authority. For further details, please see our Terms of Use page.

13. Why do I have to accept the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy?

You agree to accept the terms by using our service.

Germanov.Dev collects data when you use our service. The nature of our service means that we process and transmit your data across borders. This Privacy Policy is designed to notify you of all the necessary information in an easy format. We hope that you can make an informed choice prior to using our service or communicating with us. Therefore, by using our service, you agree to the processing of your personal data according to the terms established in this document.

If you have questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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