This is an image conversion service with additional features, which can be used to load, edit and convert raster image files. Web browser is able to display pictures of only few image formats, like JPG, GIF or PNG. This service can load and display more than 100 different formats. (Click to see a full list of supported formats). So, it's not a problem, if you have a raw image data from Kodak, or image of Windows mouse cursor resource, or logo from Sony Playstation game. This service can display all this. Then, you can apply various transformations to input images, like resize them, crop, rotate or change brightness, then preview the result and save it to a file of standard PNG or to non-standard format. For example, resize your image to 16x16 px, save it as an ICO file, and then use it as a favicon for a website.

Application is improving and new features have been adding to this service. We can add everything, which possible to find on similar websites, and even more. But we want to implement only the best of these features, the most useful ones, and in the most convenient way. You can help us. Vote for the most useful of upcoming features on the Votes page and give your suggestions in Rating form after each download. Your feedback will drive us to improve this tool in the correct direction. Subscribe to news to know, when new features are ready for your disposal.

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