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Welcome to Germanov.Dev, a hub of cloud services to help in common tasks online. If you need to do something right now but do not have the required software installed for it, give us a try.

Just use available services, vote for upcoming services, and subscribe to news, to know when new tools and updates are available online.

Online services

Audio Express Converter
If you:

 Have a bunch of audio files in different formats and want to join them together

 Have an audio record of the whole concert and want to split it into song tracks

 Have an audio file that is too quiet during playback, even if volume is set to 100% and want to increase it

or have other audio editing tasks, then

Video Express Converter
If you:

 Downloaded video with an annoying advertisement in the beginning or the end and want to trim it

 Have a video of the concert and want to extract only a single song from it

 Have a video clip, but want to get only audio in MP3 from it to upload to your audio player

or have other video editing tasks, then

Image Express Converter
If you:

 Have a file on your PC, know that this is an image, but can't open it, due to the "Unknown file format" error

 Want to convert pictures from unusual format to typical JPEG or PNG to publish on the Web or create a favicon for your website

 Have a huge archive of graphical data and want to research a format for export with the best compression ratio to save disk space

or have other image editing tasks, then

Upcoming services

Live Presentations
Transform your static PowerPoint or PDF presentation slides to a video presentation, by complementing these slides with your voice from the microphone and with your face, commenting slides from the Web camera. Convert the result to a video file to download, send link by email or publish online to YouTube.

Game Box
Go back to childhood, remember old Sega, Nintendo, or DOS games. Play them right in your browser, save results, scores and exchange your achievements with others.

Graph Engine
Visualize your scientific or business data using interactive graphs with zooming and panning features. Provide data for charts either by math formulas, by uploading datasets from files, or just enter data manually in the table. Export resulting graphs to run offline as a static HTML pages, JPEG images, or PDF documents to use in research or presentations.

GIS Workshop
Import and extract data from common Geospatial data formats, like SHP, GeoTIFF, HDF. Get data for any specified latitude and longitude, convert from one format to another. Visualize data by put it as a layer on top of the map. Export geospatial data to human-readable formats, or relational databases SQL.

Text Recognizer
Recognize and extract texts from scanned pages, screenshots, or other images using artificial intelligence right in your browser. Upload image with text blocks inside, select or detect automatically which texts to recognize, recognize selected regions and save as plain text files. More than 100 languages are available for recognition.

Remote Controller
Have a lot of remote computers and servers everywhere and lost control? Want to know what is going on with them, but can't connect because do not remember hosting passwords for some of them and because others do not have static IP addresses to connect to? This tool will give you a single control panel to monitor and manage all of them from your PC, tablet, or even phone, when you are on-road driving a car.

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11.11.2021 - New educational video published:

Using Audio Express Converter and Video Express Converter to create an audio playlist from raw video of a concert

02.11.2021 - Germanov.Dev services container welcomes first visitors
18.07.2021 - Image Express Converter service deployed and available online
25.06.2021 - Audio Express Converter service deployed and available online
15.05.2021 - Video Express Converter service deployed and available online